Academic CV - Dr. Florent Renaud

Current positions

Docent (associate professor)
Lund Observatory, Sweden
Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies (USIAS)
Strasbourg University, France
Director of the Master program in Astrophysics
(in charge of recruitment of students, organization of master projects, coordination of the courses, monitoring of the student's progress, student's career development, social activities, chair of the evaluation committees)
Lund University, Sweden
Vice-president of the International Astronomy Union commission Stellar clusters throughout Cosmic Space and Time (elected in June 2021)

Past research experience

2022 Invited researcher (1 month)
Observatoire de Paris, France
2014-2017 Postdoc fellow (3 years)
University of Surrey, Guildford, UK
2011-2014 Postdoc fellow (3.5 years)
Service d'Astrophysique, CEA-Saclay, Paris, France
2010 Visiting fellow (3 months)
Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, UK
2007-2010 PhD Student (3 years)
Institut für Astronomie of Vienna, Austria
Observatoire de Strasbourg, France
2007 Research assistant (6 months)
NASA Herschel Science Center, IPAC, Caltech - Pasadena, USA
2005 Research assistant (2 months)
Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg, Université de Strasbourg, France


2022 Docent
(equivalent to Privatdozent or Habiliation à diriger des recherches)
Lund University, Sweden
2007-2010 PhD Thesis: Dynamics of the tidal fields & formation of star clusters in galaxy mergers.
Titles of Doctor rerum naturalium and Doctor Philosopiae in Astrophysics
Universität Wien (Austria) and Université de Strasbourg (France)
Supervisors: Christian Theis (Vienna) and Christian Boily (Strasbourg)
2006-2007 Master in Astrophysics, Université de Strasbourg
2004-2007 Engineering degree, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Strasbourg (Strasbourg)
(Three-years course in physics, signal processing, IT, automation, electronics and management.)

Publications & talks

73 refereed papers, including 21 as first author, 13 as second author, and 14 by students under my supervision.
h-index = 31
i-10 index = 56
See my publication list.

141 talks, including 39 as invited speaker, 42 contributed, and 60 seminars and colloquia.
See my talk list.



2020-present Topics in theoretical Astrophysics, Lund University
PhD level
2019-present Extragalactic astrophysics, Lund University
Master level
2018-present Computational astrophysics, Lund University
Master level
2017-present Galaxies and Cosmology, Lund University
Bachelor level
(course responsible)

Invited lecturer

2021 International Summer School on the Interstellar Medium of Galaxies, from the Epoch of Reionization to the Milky Way, Banyuls, France (online)
Summer school for PhD students
2017 Instabilities and wave propagation in galaxies, Collège de France, Paris
Part of a lecture series on Galactic dynamics
2016 Galaxy and star formation, European Doctoral School, Strasbourg, France
Summer school for PhD students
2014 Multi-wavelength astrophysics in the data avalanche era, Strasbourg, France
Winter school for PhD students


2012-2014 Scientific supervisor/advisor for several high school projects
How does a satellite remain in orbit? ; Why is the sky blue? (Rayleigh scattering) ; Stellar evolution ; Astronomy in the middle ages
2009 Tutoring
Introduction to simulations of merging galaxies, Vienna, Austria
Master and PhD levels

Student supervision


2021-2024 Niels Nieuwmunster, Lund University, Sweden; Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur, France
(co-supervised with N. Ryde and M. Schultheis)
The densest stellar systems of the Universe: the nuclear disc (3 years)
2020-2024 Álvaro Segovia Otero, Lund University, Sweden
(co-supervised with O. Agertz)
Cosmic evolution of star formation (4 years)
2018-2022 Eric Andersson, Lund University, Sweden
(co-supervised with O. Agertz)
Cosmological assembly of galaxies like the Milky Way (4 years)
2014-2018 Nicolas Guillard, ESO, Garching, Germany
(co-supervised with E. Emsellem)
Growth and fuelling of galactic nuclei (4 years)
2014-2017 Jeremy Fensch, CEA-Saclay, France
(co-supervised with P.-A. Duc)
Star and stellar cluster formation in gas-dominated galaxies (3 years)
2011-2014 Katarina Kraljic, CEA-Saclay, France
(co-supervised with F. Bournaud)
Links between galaxy evolution, morphology and internal physical processes (3 years)

Master, Bachelor

2022 Anatole Storck, Lund University, Sweden
Star formation under (ram) pressure (6 months)
2022-2023 John Ringdahl, Lund University, Sweden
The recipe for star formation (1.5 years)
2022 Anna-Maria Söderman, Lund University, Sweden
On the run: how fast can runaway stars escape from their home clusters? (5 months)
2021-2022 Jonathan Petersson, Lund University, Sweden
Colliding galaxies in a (nut)shell (1.5 years)
2021 Erik Fridén, Lund University, Sweden
Observing stellar streams made in a supercomputer (5 months)
2020-2021 Oscar Andersson, Lund University, Sweden
How to resuscitate a dead galaxy? (1.5 years)
2020 Jesper Nielsen, Lund University, Sweden
Extreme star forming galaxies (2 months)
2019-2020 Mateo Prgomet, Lund University, Sweden
(co-supervised with O. Agertz)
Initial mass function and galaxy evolution (1.5 years)
2018-2019 Samhitha Vadlamani, Lund University, Sweden
Hydrodynamics of compact groups (1.5 years)
2018-2019 Lina Warntoft, Lund University, Sweden
Dynamical evolution of star clusters (5 months)
2018 Loke Lönnblad Ohlin, Lund University, Sweden
(co-supervised with O. Agertz)
Propagation of feedback in turbulent media (6 months)
2014 Paolo Bianchini, ISIMA program, Toronto, Canada
Star Clusters in Galactic Cores (6 weeks)
2008 Gabriel Padilla, Strasbourg, France
(co-supervised with C. Bot)
Dust and starburst in mergers (2 months)

Outreach, popularization

Since 2015 Several inter-disciplinary talks given on big data, HPC and data visualization
Since 2013 Several press releases written
Interviews given to the press and TV
Large coverage on French and German national TV, French and Swedish national press, international specialized press and internet
(Arte, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Astronomy Magazine, Ciel et Espace, La Recherche, CNRS International Magazine ...)
2022 Outreach presenter in a space summer camp (high school level, 2 August 2022)
Rymdforskarskolan (The Space Research School), Lund
2019 Invited public presentation (28 March 2019)
ALVA association, Lund
2014 Invited public presentation (16 June 2014)
Kiosque Citoyen, Rennes
2013 Production of a film from my simulations for the Vienna Planetarium
2008 Public presentation (8 November 2008)
Long night of science 2008 (Lange Nacht der Forschung 2008), Vienna
2008 Invited public presentation (29 January 2008)
Astronomy club of the ENSPS, Strasbourg

Granted proposals: supercomputers

Total of 336.1 million CPU-hours (222.1 as PI), and 320,000 GPU-hours (all as PI) on tier-0 supercomputers:

2023CoI of a SNIC project: 2 Mh, Tetralith supercomputer
CoI of a SNIC project: 2 Mh, Tetralith supercomputer
2022PI of a SNIC project: 2 Mh, Tetralith supercomputer
2021PI of a SNIC/EuroHPC project: 150 Mh, Lumi supercomputer (Pilot phase)
2021PI of a SNIC project: 2M hours, Tetralith supercomputer
2020CoI of a PRACE project: 45M hours, Irene supercomputer
PI of a SNIC project: 2.3M hours, Tetralith supercomputer
2019PI of a SNIC project: 1M hours, Aurora supercomputer
CoI of a SNIC project: 2.6M hours, Aurora supercomputer
CoI of a GENCI project: 3.8M hours, Irene supercomputer
2018PI of a SNIC project: 1Mh, Aurora supercomputer
CoI of a GENCI project: 5.3M hours on the Curie, Occigen and Irene supercomputers
2017PI of a PRACE project: 15.1M hours on the Marconi KNL supercomputer
CoI of a GENCI project: 15.8M hours on the Curie and Occigen supercomputers
2016PI of a GENCI project (exceptional call): 6.4M hours on the Curie supercomputer
CoI of a GENCI project: 11.6M hours on the Curie supercomputer
2015PI of a PRACE project: 21.8M hours on the Curie supercomputer
CoI of a PRACE project: 16.2M hours on the Curie supercomputer
2014CoI of a GENCI project: 3M hours on the Curie supercomputer
2013PI of a PRACE project: 8.5M hours on the SuperMUC supercomputer
CoI of a GENCI project: 3M hours on the Curie supercomputer
2012PI of a GENCI project: 240,000 hours on the hybrid nodes (CPU+GPU) of the Curie supercomputer
CoI of a GENCI project: 2.9M hours on the Curie supercomputer
2011PI of a PRACE project: 12M hours (9M, extended to 12M) on the Curie supercomputer
PI of a Grand Challenge: 80,000 hours on the hybrid nodes (CPU+GPU) of the Curie supercomputer

Granted proposals: telescopes

2022Co-I of a FAST project: 21.9 hours (PI: C. Cheng)
Co-I of a CFHT/MegaCam project (DDT): 3.9 hours (PI: M. Arabsalmani)
2020Co-I of a FAST project: 22.4 hours (PI: C. Xu)
2019Co-I of a NOEMA project: 60 hours (PI: N. Tomicic)
2016Co-I of a HST/WFC3 project: 8 orbits (PI: P.-A. Duc)
2015Co-I of a NOEMA project: 32.3 hours (PI: A. Hughes)
Co-I of a MUSE project: 21 hours (PI: A. Adamo)

Awards, grants, fellowships

2023 - Institute for Advanced Studies Fellowship (USIAS), Université de Strasbourg
2020 - Best talk award: Linking the galactic and extragalactic conference
2020 - Research grant of the Walter Gyllenberg Foundation
2018 - Research grant of the Walter Gyllenberg Foundation
Prix La Recherche 2015 - Astrophysics
Renaud et al. (2014) awarded best outstanding and original work in Astrophysics
Several visiting fellowships and travel grants since 2007
(about 60,000 Euros in total)
Humboldt Foundation Junior Fellowship (2011)


Expert for national and international funding agencies (Europe, Chile, Czech Republic, France, The Netherlands, Poland, UAE, UK)
Reviewer for A&A, ApJ(L), MNRAS(L), Nature Astronomy, PASJ
Examiner of Bachelor, Master, and PhD theses
Conference organization
○ Formation of the Galactic center, Ringberg (26-30 October 2020, postponed), SOC
○ Star-forming clumps and clustered starbursts across cosmic time, Munich (October 2020, postponed to 2022), Chair
○ Assembly of the Milky Way, Strasbourg (10-12 June 2020, postponed to 2023), Chair
○ Survival of Dense Star Clusters in the Milky Way System, Heidelberg (19-23 November 2018), SOC
○ Ramses User Meeting, Saclay (25-28 June 2014), LOC
○ Antennae Workshop, Strasbourg (1-3 March 2009), Chair
○ JENAM, Vienna (8-12 September 2008), LOC
○ Galactic and Stellar Dynamics, Strasbourg (16-20 March 2008), LOC
Founder and organizer
○ South East Galaxy Network, Surrey, UCL, MSSL (2015-2017)
○ Lunch seminars, Surrey (2015-2017)
○ Weekly Extragalactic Theoretical Journal Club, Vienna (2009-2010)
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